D’Atri Restaurant nestled in LaVale Maryland in Western Maryland its noted for its steak subs. In 1971, Robert D’Atri decided to supplement his income from his job at the Kelly-Springfield tire plant by opening a small pizza joint in Cumberland.

Instead of pizza, the crowd pleaser turned out to be the steak sub, a foot-long creation made with chopped rib-eye steak and lettuce and flavored with the family’s blend of Italian seasons. The steak subs were so popular the D’Atri family opened another restaurant in 1976 in LaVale.

Now, the steak sub has become the regional favorite that former residents often have sandwiches shipped to their homes or make sure they go to D’Atris when they return to Western Maryland.

The owners of D'Atri Restaurant in LaVale Rosemary D'Atri and her daughters, Deanna D'Atri and Antoinette Love are continuing the family tradition of keeping the highest quality of food and service at prices everyone can afford.

Pictured: Pat D'Atri, D'Atri Design,
Antoinette Love, owner
Governor Robert Ehrlich, Jr.,
Rosemary D'Atri, owner and
Deanna D'Atri
, owner.